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the sum of i+

As the spring season unfolds around us, we are reminded that change is not just a part of nature, but a fundamental aspect of our businesses as well. The rapid adoption of AI and automation is reshaping how we work.

As businesses become more distributed, explore tips on how teams can communicate more effectively

Introducing new workflow solution Levvy, the beginning of the end for passwords, and making Summer Fridays work for you
Navigating regulatory requirements for remote work, “digital employee experience” as a new metric, and new apps to explore

Creative Marketing for Creative Business, AI tools for business, and the benefits of regional banks.

Exploring the four-day workweek, embracing equity in the workplace, and tax season tips

Policies that benefit working women, ways to launch thought leadership, and a checklist for your tech stack
Organizing for the end of the year, how to handle bonuses, why strategy is key
What to ask if you’re thinking about selling, the rise of women entrepreneurs, and resources for business affected by Hurricane Ian

Quiet quitting and employee engagement, student loan debt relief, business cards make a comeback

Tips for dealing with economic uncertainty and a potential recession, important news about student loan waivers
The art of employee gathering, mental health and moms in the workplace
Why happiness matters at work, celebrating admins, updates to EIDL loans

More tips from the Great Resignation, the latest on Web3, and celebrating International Women’s Day

How small steps lead to big changes, the importance of job-leveling, and what’s in and out for 2022
How to deal with attrition internally and externally, upskilling ideas, and virtual team-building ideas
Updating your benefits for remote work, communications tips for employees, and empowering moms in the workforce
Top platforms for running a remote business, marketing tips, and cybersecurity for remote employees
Adapting your onboarding program to remote work, top remote work tools, and the next generation of women business owners
How to facilitate a back-to-work conversation, and navigating a competitive and changing labor market

Shifting gears for the post-pandemic era, resources for small businesses, and developing an multigenerational workforce

Office design for hybrid work, home office essentials, and celebrating Earth Day

the sum of i+

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