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As the spring season unfolds around us, we are reminded that change is not just a part of nature, but a fundamental aspect of our businesses as well. The rapid adoption of AI and automation is reshaping how we work.
As businesses become more distributed, effective communication becomes vital for successful teamwork. By 2030, around 80% of business tasks will be outsourced to professional service firms and technology.
A recent survey found that more than 50% of employees are overwhelmed by too many communications via too many channels at work. And app proliferation costs businesses hundreds of millions of dollars a year in unused licenses. Introducing Levvy, a new solution aimed to overcome tech overload.
The age of remote work raises challenges for small businesses employing out-of-state workers. These businesses may lack the legal departments but are still held to the same regulatory requirements as larger businesses.
A marketing strategy is essential for any business looking to maximize potential, but business owners often put it last on their to-do list…or hope they can get by without it. Experts will tell you that is a classic mistake.
The four-day work week is the latest trend sweeping the business world. But can small businesses make the leap and still maintain productivity?

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