Why CBI?

Creative Business Inc. is a business services and financial strategy firm that specializes in serving creative innovators and early-stage companies in the fields of design, technology, media, architecture, interiors, fine art, entertainment, retail, manufacturing, nonprofit, and more.

Jeanne Hardy, president and founder, established Creative Business Inc. in 2005 after realizing the growing need for financial literacy in the creative world. Over the years, the business has expanded to incorporate all industries and entrepreneurs who have recognized vision and talent, but require more efficient management systems and astute financial planning in order to grow their businesses in a financially sustainable way.

Many creative businesses reach a stage where simple bookkeeping is no longer sufficient and critical functions such as compliance or human resources are being overlooked. Oftentimes these are the areas that can delay growth and upend long-term plans.

We are a cost-effective solution for companies needing a proper financial foundation upon which to build their business. We act as your controller, your compliance officer, your HR manager, and your CFO, all rolled into one single point of contact.

You receive only the services you need based on your company’s goals, whether it’s efficient cloud-server bookkeeping and financial reporting to long-term strategic consulting and project management. We focus on streamlining procedures and minimizing internal paperwork so that you gain back the space, time, and clarity to focus on the things you love doing the most.